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DIE FUGE - Der einzigartige Schutz vor Schimmel

2014 cartridge warmer

2014 cartridge warmer

The completely new cartridge heater was developed for heating two 310 ml standard cartridges and for use in harsh industrial and construction sites. In this way, chemical-technical products such as adhesives and sealants can be brought to the optimal processing temperature. Lightweight and resistant to dirt, impacts and falls, it can be transported to the place of use using the carrying strap. Once warmed up, the cartridges retain their temperature for a long time, even without additional power supply.

Features and Benefits:

Intrinsically safe PTC heating element (Tmax 65°C):
Prevents uncontrolled heating in the event of a fault

Electronic temperature controller, easily adjustable using three buttons

Carrying strap for easy transport

Silicone free

EPP housing: energy efficient and shatterproof
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The optimal long-term protection against mold!

Die Fuge is a long-lasting and high-quality solution wherever high hygiene standards apply.

  • One product for many areas

    · Sanitary joints according to EN 1565-3
    · Shower cubicles
    · Sanitary partitions
    · Whirlpools, bathtubs, shower trays also made of acrylic
    · Natural stone joints inside and outside
    · Swimming pools
    · Clean rooms and laboratories
    · Cold storage
    · Painting systems
    · Connection joints on windows, doors made of wood and metal
    · Drywall
    · Hotels - Nursing homes - Clinics

How do I get the perfect joint in drywall?