We show where the problem lies with mold joints and what DIE FUGE makes better:
Hygiene im Bad

Mold is dangerous to health

Despite great hygiene in the bathroom, everyone faces problems
Silicone joints introduce mold and bacteria of all kinds. Shimmer spores are dangerous to our health and bacteria are even more dangerous. And if you fight the mold joints with aggressive anti-mold agents, allergies and respiratory diseases develop or worsen. Besides, everyone knows that you can't get mold joints under control with this. You can't get rid of the mold even with wallpaper knives and similar dangerous sharp objects.

The only option ...don't give mold a chance and don't use silicone for your joints, but THE JOINT .

For the health of your family… THE FUGE

Schimmelfugen günstig entfernen

Moldy joints - expensive renovation

A craftsman charges around 20 euros per linear meter to remove and re-lay moldy joints. For a normal shower, that's 10 linear meters, so costs amount to at least 200 euros, plus the material.

Many people want to avoid these high costs and do the work themselves, or ask a friend if they can help. Usually a silicone is bought at the hardware store, and that is the first mistake, because all silicones, regardless of whether they are cheap or expensive, definitely do not prevent mold from forming again!

The permanent and inexpensive solution... THE JOINT !

Die Fuge die nicht schimmelt

Why doesn't DIEFUGE get moldy?

THE JOINT consists of a specially developed silane-modified polymer, SMP for short, contains no silicone and is not comparable to other SMP sealants and adhesives.

After installation , THE JOINT forms a permanently closed surface that remains elastic and does not crack even after many years. This reliably prevents the penetration of moisture, spores and bacteria and prevents mold from forming.

Thanks to the permanently closed surface, DIE FUGE can even be used underwater, for example in swimming pools, and silicone cannot do that.

The consequence of three years of research... THE FUGE!

Easy to use and paintable – replaces silicone and acrylic

THE JOINT is very easy to process, in principle exactly the same as silicone or acrylic! It is important to carry out the individual work steps carefully, especially the surface preparation - see assembly video.

Since DIE FUGE, in contrast to silicone, can be painted over with almost all commercially available colors and can be used inside and outside and on most surfaces, this top product is suitable for countless areas of application.

Simply the best... THE FUGE!