Forever mold and bacteria free

Who does not know that! Ugly, black spots on silicone joints that are very difficult to clean. And if you try using aggressive cleaning agents, the mold will always come back. Because mold not only grows on the surface, but also in the middle of the joint.

DIE FUGE you get rid of mold and bacteria.

Besser als Silikon

Why are silicone joints maintenance joints?

You know this picture - this is exactly what silicone joints often look like after a short time and have to be replaced every 2-3 years.

Why? Because all silicones form fine cracks under thermal stress in which bacteria and spores then settle. The edges of the silicone joints also become leaky and then fray.

The solution: THE JOINT

Die fuge für viele Einsatzbereiche

THE JOINT: The top product for countless areas of application

√ Sanitary joints according to EN 1565-3
√ Shower cubicles
√ Sanitary partitions
√ Whirlpools, bathtubs, shower trays also made of acrylic
√ Natural stone joints inside and outside
√ Swimming pools and pools
√ Clean rooms and laboratories
√ Cold storage facilities
√ Painting systems
√ Connection joints on windows, doors made of wood and metal
√ Drywall
√ Hotels - nursing homes - clinics

The innovation in joint technology

√ Silicone free
√ Permanently elastic
√ No cracking
√ Can be painted over
√ Antibacterial + mildew resistant
√ Permanently water-resistant
√ Minimum shrinkage < 5%

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  • Durable

    The permanently closed surface due to minimal shrinkage and extremely high tear strength prevents the accumulation of fungi and spores.

  • Water resistant

    Long-lasting water resistance, which means our joints can also be used underwater. The fungicides last much longer.

  • Qualitative

    No yellowing, no matter what color, hardly any loss of volume and extreme elasticity, making it ideal for crack-free connections.

THE FUGE and us

DIE FUGE is an innovative product that was developed in Germany over the last 5 years. The Swabian experts at i.Gluesystems GmbH, developers and manufacturers of SMP-based adhesives, had the goal of developing a sustainable material that permanently protects against mold in damp rooms and thus serves as a replacement for silicone.

The recipe was researched, tested and adapted with a leading German company in the area of ​​intermediate products/raw materials/additives and ultimately the necessary tests for CE approval and the hygiene tests regarding mold formation and resistance were successfully passed!

Processing should be just as easy as with silicone and should also be suitable for as wide a range of uses as possible.

That was successful! THE JOINT offers optimal protection against mold in damp rooms and can even be used under water, in swimming pools and swimming pools! In addition, DIE FUGE is the universally applicable sealant, inside and outside, with countless possible uses.

DIE FUGE is a sealant based on SMP, which is a silane modified polymer that offers outstanding properties: permanently mold-free - easy to process - can be used inside and outside - can be painted over - even under water, for example in swimming pools!

We, SEGA, are the operators of this web shop and are aimed at end consumers and craftsmen. We are in close contact with the developer and manufacturer, i.Gluesystems GmbH. The Ortwein company is the sales partner in the specialist wholesale trade and the brand owner.

Our video channel is being expanded to include additional videos that show how to remove moldy silicone joints, the tools required and how to re-lay them with DIE FUGE .

We hope you enjoy DIE FUGE , a German success story!

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